Things to Do

Transatlantic cruises can best be summed up by the three R's -- romance, reflection and relaxation. Transatlantic cruises appeal to people who want to soak up the beauty of the ocean amid luxurious surroundings. With no ports of call -- or very few -- there's nothing to distract from the soothing lull of the water as your ship slices through the waves.

Everyday distractions are left behind, and your days on board consist of leisurely activities and enrichment programs. Perhaps you'll attend a wine tasting or a class on digital photography. Learn how to paint with watercolors, join a culinary demonstration by the ship's chef or listen to well-known authors and entertainers. Balladeer James Taylor, mystery writer Dick Francis and British actor John Cleese are among notables who have been featured on transatlantic crossings.

Most ships have a library and onboard activities to stimulate the mind and body. You can rejuvenate at the spa, work out at the fitness center, take dance lessons, play bridge, attend shows and test lady luck at the casino. That's just a snapshot of activities on board.

Along with the bevy of activities, some ships host theme cruises. For example, a sailing might showcase the golden era of Big Band music, featuring the 1940s swing and jazz sounds of Dorsey, Miller and Wellington. Others highlight golf, where guests take lessons from a PGA teaching professional and listen to a celebrity golfer discuss life on the course. Food and wine buffs can choose cruises with top chefs and wine producers on board, with tastings and classes scheduled throughout the trip.

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